What media production services does Silver Palm Productions offer?

At Silver Palm Productions, we offer many types of media production services. As experts in the field, we know how to make your final product look stunning. We specialize in producing television shows, web videos/series, music videos, advertisements, promotional clips, and other types of corporate and personal videos. In addition, we perform web and logo design. Since we cater our services to the needs of the clients, all of our packages are customized. Please click here to contact us.


A "Silver Palm" Video Production

If you have an idea for a production and want Silver Palm Productions to handle everything for you, then you most likely fall into this category. In this category, we handle all aspects of the production, including the business, management, and marketing. If you are the talent (for example, a chef who wants a cooking TV or web series), then you (and any others you select) will star in the production. We have experts for every type of production, and we have dedicated staff for every aspect of the production. As the client, you can define your level of involvement, and make it however little or however much you want it to be.

A Project-By-Project Video Production

If you only wish for Silver Palm Productions to produce the media, then this is the category that you fall into. In this type of production, Silver Palm Productions films, directs, and edits the project. We then provide you with draft copies, where your revisions can be applied. You will then be provided with the final copy in multiple forms of media.




Silver Palm Productions also specializes in meeting your photography needs. We have an extensive team of trained and experienced photographers who will work with you to meet your needs, whether they involve corporate photography, product photography, modeling, personal photography, interior photography, brand photography, or anything else. 

Logo Design

Is your company in need of a logo, or in need of a redesign? Silver Palm Productions will be happy to design you a beautiful and modern logo. We will ask what you want in a logo, and send you concepts that include ones that are exactly what you want, and ones that we think would work well for you. Or, if you have something specifically in mind, we can go through that design process with you. 

Web Design

Do you need a strong website to turn viewers into customers and improve your online presence? Silver Palm Productions will design a beautiful, yet still highly functional, powerful, and reliable website for you or your business, based off your needs and preferences. Your website will implement modern technology, be ready for any sized device, including mobile, include SEO, and many other features. Silver Palm Productions will go through the entire design and content process with you to make sure that you are involved in every step of the process and are getting exactly what you want. 

If you're looking for something else...

If you have another type of production that you need, please don't hesitate to contact us, as we'll be happy to work with you.