Silver Palm Productions is the producer of the Bob Caputo Living Well brand, which contains three productions: a new healthy cooking television show, Cookin’ Lite Cookin’ Easy, which is expected to air in the Winter of 2015 and is a series about healthy, flavorful, and easy cooking, Livin' Lite Livin' Easy, a web series on how to live and travel healthily, and a new workout series. Cookin' Lite Cookin' Easy's second season is Cookin' Lite Cookin' Easy: Entertaining, further expanding the living well brand. Before these projects, Silver Palm Productions produced a hit web series and blog, MMITK, dedicated to health cooking and working out. In addition to these productions, we've provided our media production services to many individuals and companies, such Victor Po for his music video, “Shake It.”

To see a sample episode of Cookin' Lite Cookin' Easy, please watch the video below: