At Silver Palm Productions, every member of our team has a high level experience, skill, and knowledge in various types of media production to create a cohesive and diverse media production company. Our Producers Bob Caputo and Jared Caputo are experts in the field of media production. They are the founders of Silver Palm Productions, and they thoroughly know the media production business. Both Bob Caputo and Jared Caputo are very experienced and highly skillful in all aspects of media production. Silver Palm Productions’ director, Michael Buczynski, is in charge of the staff on set, and ensuring that the filming runs smoothly. And finally, our crew is highly educated and highly experienced in various fields of media production.

Corporate Leadership

  • Jared Caputo
  • Robert Caputo

Our Primary Production Crew

  • Jared Caputo - Producer
  • Bob Caputo - Producer
  • Michael Buczynski - Director
  • Jean Thackston - Culinary Producer
  • Nancy Johnston - Food Specialist
  • Ted Selden - Camera Operator and Assistant Editor
  • Hayden Germano - Camera Operator
  • Jacob Marko - Camera Operator
  • Bonnie Chan - Production Assistant and Microphone Operator
  • Desiree Snyder - Production Assistant and Audio Technician
  • Jim Boemo - Production Assistant